About Us

About Us

Accidents and incidents, search and rescue, high winds and high water, boating incidents and water rescues, fallen trees and power lines, and of course, fires…our village has experienced and endured all that, and more.    

For over two-hundred years citizen volunteers of Cooperstown and its adjacent areas have experienced and responded to emergencies.  Doing so safely and effectively requires a high degree of organization, coordination, and teamwork.

Our department is organized into the three operations groups and an administrative group, each summarized below.  The Chief is the principal head of the department and is assisted by operations officers and appointed personnel.  Administrative leadership and corporate management is provided by an annually-elected Board of Directors, assisted by various committees and appointed personnel.

2024-2025 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the administration and governance of the department and its operations.  Cooperstown Fire Dept., Inc. is chartered and incorporated by the State of New York, and as such, must comply with state laws and regulations common to similar corporations.  Additionally, CFD is IRS recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization with Federal IRS rules and obligations.  Legal, financial and overall management of the department is the responsibility of the elected Board of Directors listed below.

Chief Officers of the board:

Administrative Officers of the board:

Fire Department Operations

The department typically averages some 60 to 70 members.  There are three areas of specialization in the department: Fire and Rescue (also referred to as "Firematics"), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Fire Police.  All members and prospective members are required to select at least one area of interest, then meet training and participation standards.  Most of our members are cross-qualified and participate in multiple areas.  A brief description and list of leaders for each appears below.

Fire and Rescue Unit

Besides suppressing and extinguishing fires, Fire and Rescue group members also respond to motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), downed trees and power lines, flooded homes and roads, water and ice rescue, perform search and rescue (SAR) and many other types of emergency response.  Community service activities include local nursing home fire drills and teaching school and community fire safety and prevention.

Department Operations Officers

Appointed Positions

Fire Police Unit

Fire Police work to keep emergency operations free from public curiosity and interference.  They isolate the scene to protect property and evidence and ensure onlooker safety.  When called for they close roads and redirect traffic, promoting prompt and safe emergency vehicle access to the incident.

Fire Police Officers

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Squad

The Emergency Squad provides medical care and rapid transportation to the local trauma center (Basset Healthcare) to those in need at no cost to the patient. EMS also provides standbys for various events around the community upon request.

EMS Operations Officers EMS Administrative Officers

Appointed Positions

Our History

The Cooperstown Fire Department was founded in 1813. From humble beginnings of horse-drawn ladders to modern apps and pagers, the Cooperstown FD has continued its tradition of service over the last 200+ years. Learn more on our History page.